Ivan Widjaya (Owner @ Chalcedony Designs) sent me this:

“Thanks for the quality copy – as usual… you never fail to impress me, my man!”


 Sally Hannah (Amazon Author) sent this to my inbox:

“Thanks for the great promo pages. You can imagine how picky I can be with writers; but you nailed it! I envision great results from your superb content. Great work — Sally”


 Glen Archer (TripAdvisor.com.au) had this to say:

“Chad is a great writer who offers reasonable pricing for the work he delivers. I got a great split-testing package from him that included landing pages, press releases and emails that are still converting two months later.”


 Andrew Goodson (Personal Training Solutions Inc.) wants you to know:

“The true mark of a good writer is their ability to tap into a market, no matter what that market is. Copystud content wrote me some awesome sales content for my health product that bridged the gap between my customers and me. Really impressed and looking forward to future dealings.”


 Martine Grant (Owner @ SocialIQ.com) had this to say:

“I approached copystud about getting a few press-releases done for the social media services in my business. You see, I do not believe in paying top money for writing services, accept when there is a definite chance to expanding my business (i.e. profits). Because the releases could heighten my customer base, I made a decision to offer him the work and am glad of that decision. The copystud is a great professional who takes pride in his profession and delivered 3 press releases that helped me get hundreds of new leads so far.”


 Chris Pruitt (Sales Manager @ Ion Labs) wanted me to tell you:

“I manage a pharmaceutical sales team. Chad sought me out based on an ad that I’d placed on Kijiji looking for a competent copywriter to develop creatives for a new product line for Ion.

This guy was super-professional throughout the entire “feeling-out-process.” He got my attention quickly with his writing and marketing knowledge, and earned a vote of confidence from myself and my assistant manager to go ahead and write some squeeze pages, direct mailers and email responders.

The mixture of warm and cold traffic we threw at the project ended up converting at 5 – 20% respectively over the next 6 weeks, and netting my company nearly a 300% return on our marketing costs (his rate + traffic + printing costs). As you can imagine, mine is a fickle industry, so this was a pleasant experience indeed.”


 Jason Gadd (Owner @ UR-RITE Designs) said:

“This guy can really talk to people through his sales writing. He whipped up a great mail package for my graphic design customers. I always look for good service and make sure the people I do business with understand what I am looking for. Chad really got it right.”


 Rico Johnston (Owner @ KEM Driveway Sealing) sent this testimonial in:

“I was a little worried about working with someone who deals mostly with nameless folks on the Internet. My business is sealing driveways and I have alot of employees counting on me to make good decisions to bring in new customers. He met with me at least 5 times in person to talk about our new advertizements and eventually we nailed down a great design that read really great. He even brought coffee!”